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Kipor IG2000 Portable Inverter Generator Review

kipor ig2000The Kipor IG2000 is described as being quiet, lightweight, and easy to use.  It is a gasoline powered inverter generator with a 105cc, 4-stroke single cylinder engine that produces a 2000 watt maximum load and 1600 watts for continuous use. It is portable because it is a relatively light inverter generator at 48.5 pounds.

A benefit of having a Kipor Sinemaster inverter generator is that it provides a continuous clean energy which is safe to use for computers and audio systems. Some of the  most common uses for the Kipor IG2000 portable inverter generator are for camping, outdoor work, or backup power in the event of a power outage. Campers can use the generator to power small refrigerators, lights, electric skillets, and personal computing devices. Outdoor work applications include lighting as well as any number of corded power tools. Using the Kipor IG2000 portable inverter generator for backup power can help run a refrigerator to save food, provide light and heat, run a microwave oven, or enable you to continue using a computer and other sensitive electronic equipment. 

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Kipor IG2000 Inverter Generator 2000 Watt Power Camping Generator (New 2012 Model)Kipor IG2000 Inverter Generator 2000 Watt Power Camping Generator (New 2012 Model)Sale Price: $880.99

The IG2000 has two 120-volt, 20-amp plug receptacles as well as 12-volt charge cables and an accessory kit. At the maximum load the IG2000 has a 3.5 hour run-time. However, it is equipped with a smart throttle system that matches the speed of the engine to the electrical load. So, the generator only produces the power it needs resulting in better fuel economy and longer run-times at less than maximum loads. The noise level is also reduced at lower engine speeds resulting in a quieter generator.  A new two-tiered noise dampening system on the Kipor Sinemaster inverter generators makes them significantly quieter than conventional generators.  THe IG2000 produces at noise level of around 54 to 59 decibels at 23 feet.  It includes a recoil pull starter and a brushless alternator for long life.  Another feature on the Kipor IG2000 is the ability to add a spotlight with the optional 66769 Mobile Light Unit.

There are numerous reasons to buy a Kipor IG2000 portable inverter generator. At around 50 pounds, the IG2000 can be easily carried by one person. The fact that this is an inverter generator allows you to safely run just about anything that requires electricity. The 2000 watt peak load enables you to run several electrical appliances at the same time. It is quiet enough to meet most noise requirements at state and national parks. The smart throttle saves gas which is always at a premium when you’re running a generator.  Overall, the Kipor IG200 is a wise investment for an extra power source when you need it.  If you want additional power, you can use a Parallel Wiring Kit to connect two Kipor IG2000P inverter generators together and produce double the power.

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Kipor Parallel Kit For IG2000-2600 Models Parallel Generator Kit ConnectorsKipor Parallel Kit For IG2000-2600 Models Parallel Generator Kit ConnectorsSale Price: $143.99

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