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Honeywell 2000-6066 2,000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Review

Whether you want a generator around the house for an emergency situation, or you are out tailgating and you need a steady source of power, the Honeywell 2000-6066 portable inverter generator has you covered. With all of the features that this generator offers you it's a great buy and easy to take along no matter the activity you're doing.

The EcoMode feature on the Honeywell 2000-6066 generator adjusts the engine speed to meet demand while saving fuel and reducing noise. This allows the generator to operate up to 4.7 hours at 50 percent on a 1 gallon tank of fuel.

Perhaps one of the main selling points of the Honeywell 2000-6066 is how portable it is. This generator weighs in at roughly 50 pounds, which is up to 40 percent lighter than similar wattage conventional generators. The Honeywell 2000-6066 also comes with a convenient  handle to make it even easier to lift and carry which can be a real life saver when it comes to getting the generator into a car or hauling it up to a cabin.

Additionally the Honeywell 2000-6066 will go almost anywhere, including:

-Over-the-road hauling
-Family road trips
-Tailgate parties
-Anywhere else you need electricity, but don't have a conveniently located outlet

The Honeywell 2000-6066 provides 2,000 watts of clean reliable power and a maximum surge power output of 2,250 watts from a 126cc 4-stroke overhead valve engine. To put that in perspective it takes roughly 60 watts to light up a light bulb, and between 100 and 200 to run a radio. This generator model isn't meant to keep a full sized home going in the event of a storm knocking out power, but what it is meant for is life on the road.

A Smart Generator
Standard AC generators just muscle through to create as much power as is needed while running. The Honeywell 2000-6066 on the other hand has a sensitive, computer-controlled inverter that can look at the demands being placed on the generator and create power accordingly by altering the engine speed. The benefit of this is that you conserve fuel because you are not always burning it at the highest rate you can, and it ensures that you're only using what you need, while providing safe, stable power to sensitive electronic devices. Additionally it means that your generator is running more quietly more often, which can be a major blessing when you're concerned about a noisy, thudding generator.


The Honeywell 2000-6066 portable inverter generator has a residential 2 year limited warranty and a commercial 6 month limited warranty.

What Others Are Saying
Overall, the reviews of the Honeywell 2000-6066 agree that it is relatively quiet generator. The majority of reviews are positive, with very few negative comments.  Most reviewers give this portable inverter generator an average 5 out of 5 on Amazon.

Where Can You Buy the Honeywell 2000-6066?
You can buy this portable inverter generator from Amazon and eBay.

Honeywell 2000-6066 Deals on Amazon

Honeywell 2000-6066 2,000 Watt 126cc 4-Stroke OHV Portable Gas Powered Inverter GeneratorHoneywell 2000-6066 2,000 Watt 126cc 4-Stroke OHV Portable Gas Powered Inverter GeneratorSale Price: $559.00

Honeywell 2000-6066 Deals on eBay

Honeywell 2kW Inverter Portable Generator 6066RHoneywell 2kW Inverter Portable Generator 6066RUS $476.99

Overall, the Honeywell 2000-6066 is a great, portable inverter generator to have on hand when power is paramount. It's easy to move, stretches your fuel economy, and can handle the essentials in almost any situation.

If you would like more information about the Honeywell 2000-6066 2,000 watt portable inverter generator, get further details, customer reviews and the latest special price on this page at Amazon.

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